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Using Your Eyes Shouldn’t Be an Effort

For most of us, digital devices are part of everyday life. But using digital screens for too long can make your eyes tired and sore. If using a device or watching TV makes your eyes uncomfortable, you could be suffering from digital eye strain (DES).

65% of Americans experience DES symptoms, which can be particularly severe for those with uncorrected vision problems. Fortunately, the eye doctors at Griffin Optometric Group San Clemente can show you how to prevent DES and reduce your discomfort.

It’s time to give your eyes a break. Please contact us today for an appointment.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

You might have DES if you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms during or after screen use:

  • Headaches
  • Stiff shoulders or a stiff neck
  • Problems focusing your eyes
  • Dry eyes

Potential Factors Behind Digital Eye Strain

Your Blink Rate During Screen Time

Most people blink less often when they’re looking at a screen, which can result in dry eyes and eye fatigue. Positioning your screen too close to your face can also make the muscles that focus your eyes sore, since they work harder to focus on nearby objects for long periods of time.

Most screens produce blue light, a kind of high-energy visible light that also exists naturally in the sun’s rays. Blue light might not cause eye disease, but it can disrupt your circadian rhythms and impact your ability to sleep restfully. Without restful sleep, your eyes will likely feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

Digital Eye Strain Strategies

Many people use one of the following methods to reduce the effects of DES:

  • Using the 20-20-20 rule to rest the eyes at regular intervals during screen use. Follow this rule by glancing away from your screen every 20 minutes to focus on something 20 feet away for the next 20 seconds.
  • Using specialty eyewear that reflects blue light. These “computer vision glasses” may improve sleep quality for people who often look at screens before going to bed.

If you come see one of our eye doctors, we can provide you with a custom plan to reduce your DES symptoms. Contact us today and schedule your next appointment.

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