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Any time-sensitive threat to your ocular health or vision is an eye emergency. You should never try to deal with eye emergencies alone, and you can’t afford to ignore them. Instead, contact your eye doctor immediately.

Our team at Griffin Optometric Group San Clemente has the technology and experience to handle eye emergencies. Get the help you need quickly by contacting us when your eyes are in trouble.

When Is It an Eye Emergency?

Are you wondering whether or not your situation is bad enough to take seriously? Stop wondering and call for help. If there’s even a slight chance your eyes could be in danger, you shouldn’t risk it.

Common Signs of Eye Emergencies:

  • Partial or total loss of vision
  • New or sudden floaters, flashes, or blurry patches
  • Acute eye pain, vertigo, eye redness, or headaches

Act Fast to Save Your Sight

The sooner you get help, the less risk to your eye health and vision. Please contact our practice immediately if you or someone you know experiences an eye emergency. If we’re not available, please proceed to your nearest emergency room.

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Our practice is located on charming Avenida Del Mar, in Downtown San Clemente, California.

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