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Sharpen Your Vision with Laser Eye Surgery

If you’d like to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses, you might want to consider laser eye surgery. These popular elective procedures are widely regarded as safe and effective ways to correct many vision problems.

Griffin Optometric Group San Clemente offers detailed consultations for laser eye surgery and refers suitable candidates to carefully selected ophthalmologists. Learn more about how laser eye surgery could change your life today.

What Is Laser Eye Surgery For?


LASIK is the most widely performed laser eye surgery. During LASIK, your ophthalmologist uses a laser to create a small flap in the top layer of your cornea. Then they’ll reshape the corneal stroma and fold the flap back in place so it can heal.

Over 95% of people who get LASIK report satisfaction with their results, and the numbers are even higher for certain conditions (including myopia). Recovery from LASIK is also relatively fast compared to other laser eye surgeries. Most people can see clearly again within 24 hours, although full recovery can take several weeks.

PRK is often recommended for people whose corneas are too thin for LASIK. During PRK, your ophthalmologist removes the entire top layer of the cornea before reshaping the corneal stroma. The removed tissue grows back after the procedure.

Satisfaction rates for PRK are even higher than they are for LASIK, but recovery can take more time. If you get PRK, it may take between 1 to 3 weeks before you can perform daily activities again unassisted.

The Consultation Process

Consulting your eye doctor is a vital first step before getting laser eye surgery. At your consultation, we’ll gather information to help us determine whether this type of procedure is right for you. We usually consider the following factors when making our decision:

If you’re considered a strong candidate for laser eye surgery, we’ll take time to go over the potential outcomes and let you choose whether you want to continue with the process. If you do, we’ll refer you to a trusted ophthalmologist to perform the surgery.

The eye doctors at Griffin Optometric Group San Clemente work closely with every specialist in our network. If we refer you to an ophthalmologist, you can rest assured that we’ll support your needs at every step in the process and monitor your recovery.

Look to the Future

What would your life be like without glasses or contacts? Find out today and contact us to book your laser eye surgery consultation now.

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